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Just gave these #cuties #FREE popsicle’ s on this beautiful sunny day. I’m also giving away free concert tickets, club admission and other event entry that will last for the rest if the year. #FreeStuff legend back at again. Free car service too, you could have a night on the town and not pay a thing (at People’s Pops Pop-up Popsicle Stand)

And now congratulations goes out to this young man on his #EarlyRetirement this morning. Turned his badge in about 20 years early thanks to our #LifestyleClub. There is no better way than to do it than building it while #Traveling the world and sharing this life of #Fun #Freedom and #Fulfillment with everyone we can. The best part is his success means there are about 100 other people who are well on there way to reaching the same #Success. #WhyNotYou? Are you ready to get started?

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